We offer the opportunity for people to join us to develop new skills such as...

Improving people skills- communication and respect.

Development of self-worth from tangible achievement and success.

Increase mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

Building confidence, self-esteem and motivation 

Possible Activities

Allotment Work


  Our newly established allotments allows use to grow vegetables and herbs  

Animal Husbandry


Feeding and caring for our farm animals is the most important job of each day.

Arts and Crafts


 From drawing to photo collages, stone painting to decorations. Our craft room is fully of possible activities 

Field Work


Spend time with Farmer Pete and Farm Manager Andrew completing the important seasonal field work. 

Games and Social Activities



The farm is a great place to make new friends with people and animals.

We plan social off site activities such as bowling and meals



If you like to do gardening we have raised beds and a poly tunnel to grow plants and flowers in. 

Machinery Maintenance


 Help Farmer Pete and Farm Manager Andrew with essential maintenance on farm machinery which includes tractors, combine harvester, plough and many more. 

Promotional Stands


Staff, Volunteers and Farm Helpers assist running of promotional stands to raise awareness of the farm

Workshop Skills


 Learn skills such as carpentry, tool work and many more.